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Businesses, big or small, need customers and confirmed sales to keep them running. Almost all of the businesses have now turned to online websites for wider reach and to keep up with the times. Online websites present opportunities that would otherwise not happen when businesses stick to physical stores. Customers would now be able to view the business and the products virtually without going through the hassle of going to the business’ physical location. More people would also learn about the business online when they would not even know about it otherwise.

The rise of online businesses

When a business is starting out online, it is understandable if there would not be a lot of users checking out the website at first. However, it should not stop there. The business should aim to have more and more people view their website as time goes by. This would increase the number of potential customers, thus generating revenue.

If the website’s growth becomes stagnant or the rate of the engagement’s rise is lower than expected, factors that affect the website should be checked. They are then improved to drive more traffic to the website. This is done by tweaking parts of the website to make it appear in the top results of the search result page. This is called search engine optimization.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search engine optimization, or SEO for short, is composed of marketing strategies that are keys to enhancing a company’s online visibility. This way, more users would be able to see the company’s website. The company can then attract more potential customers that would convert to higher sales.

How does SEO work?

SEO is composed of different strategies, all with the goal of increasing user traffic. SEO strategies are not just limited to keywords. It is also composed of interesting blog posts, witty anecdotes, and eye-catching landing pages.

Focusing on End Users

Since the end goal of SEO is to generate more user traffic, the focus would have to be on the users. The emphasis would then be on the end user’s experience. To drive more people into clicking the website, all its components should appeal to different users across the globe.

Tagged Keywords

SEO is usually associated with tagged keywords so that people who search these said keywords would arrive at the business’ website. Because of this, keywords should be well- researched to make sure they represent the business and what it stands for. The keywords should also be relevant so interested users would be able to discover the website they want. It is also prudent to include similar keywords together.


When people enjoy the features of a website, they return to that said website and invite their friends to also check the website out. This then increases the virtual points of the website. Google would then be able to detect the many returning users and think that the website is enjoyable for people.

Blog Posts

Another strategy to make SEO work is to get people to read the blog posts posted in the website. These blog posts should be connected to the type of business the website is presenting. Relevant articles are also encouraged to be put up on websites. This way, people who are actually interested in the products would land on the website and possibly purchase something.

Is SEO affordable?

Contrary to popular belief, SEO can be affordable. Even small businesses can afford them, as long as they play their cards right.

SEO is multi- faceted. It ranges from blog post creation to the analysis of the components of websites. As such, SEO can be flexible. If you have a small budget, you can still afford to do some articles that have keywords. You can still take advantage of this and reap the rewards without having an aggressive plan.

Remember that you have to set a budget for an SEO plan. This way, you would not overspend on the plan. As your company or business grows, your budget will grow. You can then spend more on SEO.

What are some of the initial SEO steps I can take?

If you have a small budget, you can start with basic SEO strategies. These could include the creation of keywords and incorporating them in your website’s pages and posts. You can also start by creating your own articles that have these researched keywords. If your articles are relevant to the end users, these will send the said users to your site.

Once you have established these basic strategies, you can then move on to different SEO strategies. An example of a strategy you can implement is content promotion, wherein you advertise your business or website in different sites and blogs.

Would SEO make my business trend overnight?

Even though SEO almost always delivers results, you would not see these results right away. Expecting to see them overnight would lead to disappointment.

It takes time for SEO strategies to take hold, so it would really take you some time to see some results. Some say it takes at least six months for you to see the fruits of your labor.

To make sure that your business is getting some traction online, you have to track the SEO results. You can then evaluate if certain strategies are working for you. For basic insight to how your business’ SEO is faring, you can use tools like Google Analytics. With this, you can see how many users have visited your site and how many clicks your site or pages have received. Aside from that, you would also be able to see if the clicks were able to result in a lead, a sale, or increased site traffic.

What are affordable SEO services?

SEO services that are affordable will deliver trustworthy services and good results to your business’ website pages. These are all done with a reasonable price that your business can afford. Affordable SEO services would be able to back these results up performance- driven services.

Remember that as time goes by, the SEO strategies should pay for themselves. This means that even though you initially have to shell out to implement SEO strategies, they would deliver results. These strategies should be able to generate end user traffic and increased sales. When this happens, you can then invest more in SEO services so your business can grow more.


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