How to Identify the Best SEO Agency for your IT service Business?

Your company is ready for the great cyber leap. You want to be visible to every prospective client that’s searching for the best IT service company to cater to their needs. You are now willing to invest in SEO or search engine optimization. However, you’re not familiar with SEO jargon and there are so many SEO agencies in London that promise the best results. How do you identify a good SEO agency?

In this article, we’ll provide you the right questions to ask and the answers to expect. This will help you choose the best SEO agency to improve your IT service company.

Question 1: Have you worked with an IT service business before?

In this question, you want to know if the SEO agency can manage your SEO projects and PPC campaigns. If the answer is yes, they can easily explain the SEO processes needed for your company and how they can deliver great results.

If the answer is no, this doesn’t mean that the SEO agency is immediately disqualified. A good SEO agency should at least present strategies about your specific industry.

The factors that should be considered for SEO strategies are:

  1. Content marketing
  2. Social media marketing
  3. Press Releases

Question 2: How will you improve my rankings?

A good SEO agency can provide a substantial and reliable plan for your business. They can simplify the explanation for you to understand the strategies.

Here are some techniques that you should hear from them:

  1. Website audit – analyze the website to identify issues that affect or may affect SEO.
  2. Keyword research – research a list of targeted keywords to get the right people to your website.
  3. On-page optimization – once the website audit is finished, the SEO agency should provide a methodology on how to improve and optimize the website.
  4. Link-building – A SEO agency should present tactics for building high-quality content and backlinks.

Question 3: How do you choose the keywords?

The leading response is: “its union of materiality, amount of traffic, searcher purpose and contention level.”

If the only thing they say is “traffic level,” that’s an issue. SEO is not about driving the greatest amount of traffic — it’s about driving the most targeted traffic.

The significance of the keyword to your contribution is critical but also important is attempting to analyze the headspace of the person creating the search. Are they high-up the sales pipeline, or near the bottom?

Also critical is the competition level. For example, a state gets colossal activity volume. In case you cannot rank for it, there’s no point in squandering cash attempting to.

Question 4: Can you guarantee rankings?

As a prospective client to an SEO agency, you would want them to answer “YES.” However, it’s not possible to guarantee rankings in an instant, and no creditable SEO agency would declare that.

In SEO, there’s no assurance of stable growth right from the start. Results can be affected by location, device, search history of each user, and daily fluctuating algorithms.

A good SEO agency should be honest about the results you might see once the project started. They know how they would measure the process and report it to you.

Question 5: How long does SEO take to see results?

SEO requires time. An SEO agency should know that it would take 3 to 6 months to see effective results.

Remember, there’s no guarantee to get high rankings.  SEO agencies that promise great results instantly are very suspicious. They could be using black hat techniques that may result in penalties from search engines.

You don’t need to wait for 6 months to know the details of the project. A good SEO agency should always be ready to send reports. They should let you know all the details of the campaign so you can see and measure the impact of it.

Question 6: How do you report on progress?

Remember to ask for sample reports that the SEO agency created for another client. By doing this, you can validate how they progress with other clients and how they measure their progress.

Take note that you should have already identified your specific goals and KPIs. While the SEO agency presents the reports, you should see how they can incorporate the reports and your needs.

Be aware of SEO agencies who cannot present detailed information on how they measure and report progress. These SEO agencies must be avoided.

Here’s some factors you need to consider in verifying the reports:

  1. Strategy Document
  2. Keyword mapping
  3. Rankings
  4. Traffic
  5. Tech improvements recommendations
  6. Links
  7. Conversions

SEO reports are usually done every month.

Question 7: What are the most important metrics that need to be measured?

The usual reaction: “It’s multi-faceted, but the most basic thing is that we’re driving leads and transactions.”

Rankings, activity, and back-link numbers are all exceptionally imperative things to screen, and I’m certainly not saying your SEO ought to be overlooking them.

But a successful SEO means doing more than just expanding rankings, diminishing bounce rates, or upgrading your traffic levels. More time-on-site implies nothing in the case that activity never buys from you, and rankings as it were matter in case they’re making a difference to produce qualified leads.

Eventually, you want a professional that’s able to bind their SEO hard work into your lowest line.  Can they measure the leads they’re generating? How will they compute the SEO’s influence on your overall sales?

Question 8: What’s your approach on link-building?

Link-building is the process of collecting backlinks. It’s one of the major strategies used in SEO as Google search is based around links. Take note that the more quality links you gain from relevant and authoritative websites, the better.

One of the best practices on link-building is “Quality Over Quantity.” Prioritize quality backlinks over quantity.

Want to learn more about link-building? Read our article about Building Links and Authority

Question 9: How do you stay advanced with Google?

If you want to know how an SEO agency keeps their efforts in top shape, if search engines update algorithms and ranking factors on a frequent basis, you have to ask them on how they abide by Google rules. They should be able to explain how well they follow Google’s recommended best practices.

All the Google updates are posted on the Webmaster Central Blog. A Great SEO agency follows the latest blogs and participates in SEO forums.

Question 10: What do you need from us to provide great results?

An experienced SEO agency should ask a lot of questions about your IT service company. By doing this process, an SEO agency can prepare a detailed strategy that fits your needs.

A successful SEO can make or destroy your site and it’s valuable to do the business justice when subcontracting. While an effective SEO campaign can increase your traffic and transaction, a crap one can have a bad effect.

Take the time to find a reputable SEO company that is right for your business. By doing your research and asking the right questions, you can look forward to building an SEO plan that will help you achieve long-term success.

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