How To Turn Your Clients Into SEO Partners

Are your customers and your SEO partners inactive associates? Could this actually be working against you?

A better understanding of requirements, objectives, and methodologies by everyone can improve your customer relations.

Sometimes, it can be truly difficult as an SEO specialist to work on a website. This happens when you are not familiar with the trade, what the customer is doing, or what the objectives are. In this post, we will list down a few strategies to get your customers and manager excited about SEO and  energized about the work that you’re doing. We will also present  a few dangers that can happen once you fail to do that.


1. Layout your work

This one appears basic, but there are a lot of benefits in telling a customer what you’re aiming to do. Do it, and after that, tell them simply that you did it. It’s quite impressive what can happen once you regularly  communicate with your customer more.

It’s good because if you tell your client ahead of time what you’re aiming to do, you give them assurance and excitement. This is a very great tip for getting your customer energized about  SEO.

2. Report the outcome

Another thing you have to do is to report your outcomes. Clients may not be aware of the amount you are doing behind the scenes. They may also not know the projected results that you are expecting. If you do not tell them, they may expect something else. Reporting about the outcomes and giving explanations would make their expectations reasonable.

They will then see that what you’re doing is making a genuine effect on the income and trade objectives of the business.

3. Share news

Within the SEO industry, things are changing all the time, so it’s a great strategy to keep yourself educated, as well as to share the news with the customers.

They will then see that you’re keeping your finger on the beat of the industry. Moreover, it tells them that they’re getting a portion of this unused, cutting-edge, innovation, which can get them truly energized approximately the SEO work you’re doing. So make beyond any doubt to share the news.

4. Recognize and direct their thoughts

This one is vital. It can sometimes be difficult to unite the best customer services.

Since you need customers to be satisfied, you also have to listen to their thoughts and suggestions. These are valuable because they know their business more than you do. Recognize what they think and work together to come up with concrete ways to improve the SEO of the business online.


We already tackled the strategies that could help. Now, let’s move forward with the risks. These are the things that could happen if you don’t get your customer to support the business’ SEO journey.

1. SEO becomes  a checklist

Once you do not know your customers well enough to know what they’re doing in the real world, you won’t know what would really benefit the business.

You may employ the standard SEO techniques but these are not targeted to your client’s business. You will then have no guarantee if the SEO techniques would work. If they work, you may only see a modest growth in lead generations but no significant additions in sales and customers.

In case you do not know your client, there is a chance that they are not communicating well to you or that they’re not excited about  SEO. At this point, you have to figure out how to improve the specialized components. As great as that can be, talking to your clients and employees would be better. So, communicate clearly with your clients. Get them on board so that you can do proactive stuff.

2. Customer controls the discussion

A risk that can happen would be when the customer controls the discussion. In this case, the client is not talking to you and he or she does not believe in your capabilities. . When they do not believe in you, they tend to begin to micromanage. They will butt in even when they do not know any better.

There is a risk that the client would change the  SEO methodology that was designed for their business and implement something that would do more harm than good..

3. SEO and commerce objectives

Another hazard is that the SEO can struggle with commerce objectives.

For example, you are an SEO specialist. Your customer isn’t communicating with you clearly. They’re not that happy about stuff that you are doing. However, you choose to continue with proactive methodologies. I figure out the relevant keywords and present them to the customer.

The customer can then go, “We do not do that. We do not offer that item. We do not offer that benefit.”

This would then be terrible. You may be driven and extraordinary. But if you do not really know what your customer is doing, since they’re not communicating with you, you will misalign with their trade objectives and distort them.

4. Missing out the opportunities 

You miss out on PR openings. If your client isn’t talking to you, they won’t share what they’re doing in the real world with you. Those are actually what SEO specialists look for. We need that data. We are able to utilize that to capitalize on it for business growth. In case we’re not getting that from our clients, we will miss out on PR openings.


There are a lot of things that can happen. These are only a few of the strategies that you can employ to avoid trouble.  If you have any illustrations of things that have worked for you in the past, I would like to listen to them. So what are you waiting for? Feel free to contact us and take advantage of our 30-minute free SEO audit.