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What is SEO?

SEO is the acronym of search engine optimization. It is a process that helps websites gain traction, driving up their online traffic. If SEO is done right, the website’s online content is optimized so that it would be seen high on the search engine’s results. The goal for any website post is to be on the first page of the results for the desired topic. Studies show that 71-92% of all traffic clicks are on the first page of the search engine alone. This is why being in the first page would ensure high organic traffic from the amount of clicks.

SEO for small businesses

Small businesses need all the help they can to reach as many potential customers as they can. Unlike big businesses, small businesses do not have an established name they can tout around. This is why small businesses need to have SEO for their websites. SEO would be able to give them the customer leads they need.

Online, small businesses have to compete with everything and everyone. Small businesses then have to have local SEO.

What is local SEO?

Local SEO is enhancing the search visibility of a local business online. Examples of local SEO queries we search for online are: SEO companies near me, flower shops in London, and marketing agencies near me.

Local SEO happens when you use different tactics and techniques to improve your website’s position in local search rankings. It is optimizing online marketing and lead generation for local businesses in the area. If you search for location- based queries, local SEO will lead you to relevant websites for that said location.

What are ways to optimize for search engines?

There are different ways to improve your business’ rankings on the search results page. Here, we will list down some of the time- tested ways websites use to rank higher.

  • Keywords
    As said, these are relevant phrases that users would most probably use to search for similar businesses. Take note that all variations of relevant phrases should be included here. However, also make sure that you would not overload your website with keywords. This would make the website look awkward and spam- like.
  • Pages
    Your landing pages and specific pages should also include keywords so more clicks are generated. Your next customers may not search for the website’s general keywords, but they may search for keywords related to a specific page of yours. Like what was said earlier, do not overload your pages with keywords. Your pages should still be readable and have a flow that is easy to understand. Users would appreciate pages that are relevant to them and are easy to read. If the whole page is stuffed with keywords, it would turn them off and make them leave. Crawlers, the ones that check websites, also check the readability of website pages. They also base their findings on grammar and sentence construction.
  • Title Tags
    Title tags are what appear as the clickable link in the tab of browsers. A title tag is like the title for that particular page so it is important to make it catchy and relatable. It should capture the essence of that particular page and be self- explanatory to the user.
  • Heading Tags
    These are the tags you give to the different headings in your page. Make sure that the headings you use make sense and that you do not over- use or under- use them.
  • Pictures
    Pictures or graphics are usually what catches the user’s attention. Make sure to use a relevant one that can generally explain what your page is about. Put a correct alt tag text so both crawlers and users would know what the picture is if they can’t load the actual picture. Also put a catchy but informative description for the image.
  • URL Name
    The URL name is what appears on the top of the browser. These should contain your business name as well as relevant keywords regarding your business.
  • Meta Description
    Nowadays, some websites prefer not to put this at all, and that is okay. It depends on the business’ preference. For those who still want to put meta descriptions, they are like a preview of what you are about to see on the website page.

What do we have to offer?

Our strategies for SEO for your website and business so you can get an increase in organic clicks and leads. All of this within your reach, for a price that is within your budget.

We use relevant keywords to input in your posts and pages so you can get ahead of your competitors. You would be able to get new user leads and reach more potential customers.

We have technical analysis techniques that would give your business an edge. We use optimization factors to put you on the virtual map.

We offer local SEO techniques so your local search visibility can go higher. It would then be easier for potential customers to discover you online. According to Jamie Pitman, 64% of local customers use search engines and online directories to look for local businesses if they need something. Putting you on the first page of local search queries will drive customers to your store or business.

How can we help small UK businesses?

To properly help small businesses in their SEO, an exhaustive keyword search of relevant terms is conducted. Potential customers are willing to use your goods or services if they are just given the chance to. Because of this, the website should contain relevant keywords so they can be searched easier.

Aside from a keyword search, audience matching is also done. The website should not only get more clicks; it should also get more visits from relevant users who are more likely to avail of the products or services offered.

Checking out the competition is also a good step. We will check how other similar businesses are faring. We would then see the specific strategies they employ and what the ups and downs of their business are. We can then use that knowledge to our advantage. This would help your business grow.

Of course, we will do local SEO for your business online. Local SEO is a must since it increases the generated traffic to your site from local customers. Local users have a higher probability of buying your products or services since they are nearer to you.


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