It is safe to assume that from the millennial generation onwards, the use of Google as the ultimate source of all information for pretty much everything became the norm. “Google it” has become as synonymous as “searching for it”. The term GMB stands for “Google My Business” and this phrase alone has opened up possibilities  on the search engine with as many contenders as possible. Keeping that in mind, businesses everywhere took note of this ability and have built Google Business Listings known as a Business Profiles. This business profile has become the norm for multibillion dollar enterprises and small scale producers. 


Google My Business is a tool that enables a business to manage and optimize their business profile on Google. Be smart and vigilant as

  • having a Google Business Profile does not give a business any management control over any of the posts. The viewer, buyer or consumer post their reviews about the product or business, not the management.
  • And to successfully manage it,the business should know how to possess the management and editing capabilities to let the Business Profile work as an effective SEO and Lead generation tool for its posts to work as desired.
  • By simply making another free Google My Business account for that profile is the only way to have control over the profile and unlock additional free features that will increase page visibility on Google. 


A Google listing for a business shows up on the Google Maps or in the local results of the Google Search (the visual layout for the Maps and Search varies but they contain pretty much the same information). Now think of the implications; the business will now be on the radar for searches related to its industry or show up as a neighbor to another business being searched. Naturally the business profile will have a name, location and category so what happens is that people start leaving reviews, pictures and questions for the profile. Hence it starts the formation of longtail keywords phrases that help boost the SEO readiness of the profile. By following all these steps, the profile allows you to

  • Connect more intimately with the customers via the local searches and local maps.
  • With the help of a Google My Business dashboard on the account profile, the business profile can add extra details that can make business stand apart for the rest of the competition. 
  • Proper use of the Google Analytics tool is deployed by tracking the clicks from a business profile. 
  • Google possesses an algorithm to rank business profiles and by using the long tail keyword phrase it can help perform optimizations and help it gain a higher local ranking.
  • The dynamic nature of Google Business profiles allows Google to prioritize some  sections of the profile as per a term that was searched for as well as information related to it. What more, Google will highlight those terms in the profile so any search regarding the term will bring it up.
  • GMB is used to optimize and expand the reach of the business profile. While using GBM for SEO purposes, incorporating relevant keywords into the business profile will inform Google what it is trying to rank for. Use of the keywords from posts to queries will ensure the strategy resembles a good SEO strategy. 
  • Google is making local SEO easier with business profiles, therefore small businesses will fare better with GMB posts. 


Now here’s where the algorithm beating tactics come to play. Technically you can post any time of any day ,everyday too, but the best days to post for GMB posts are Thursdays and Fridays between 9 and 11 am (why? Because the Western world weekend is around the corner and last minute search engine checks will keep a business presence known) and on Mondays and Tuesdays too between 9 and 11 am(why? Because the Western work week has started in full swing and having a business profile show up when a search is commenced is superb) and the proverb “out of sight, out of mind” takes life as when no posts are made, the business profile will definitely be out of sight and mind. At a minimum, businesses must make sure to post once every 7 days because posts expire after one week and Google does remove most posts after a week. 


Some marketers believe that GMB posts are very underrated and not much is being done to promote them. It does make sense because once you are online, it is guaranteed that a search engine will be used and as such, business profiles will pop up in that search if the visitor is looking for something related to the profile’s industry. Some ideas to boost GMB posts include:

  • To beat the 7 day expiry deadline set by Google, make the post an event so that it remains in circulation till the next post is uploaded.
  • Make sure the business category is correct, along with the right photos and right business profile description.
  • Share links like backlinks and internal links for the new post. Like social media, this applies really well here. 
  • Promote any upcoming events or registrations as this will increase the visitor traffic.
  • Go ahead with the advertising with the budget that is allocated to the business and offer discounts for new and repeat customers.
  • Feature some product or service along with a customer testimonial with it. Chances are, the testimonial will reach out to keen customers. 
  • Make memorable content that stays in mind for a long time and doesn’t follow the doomed “out of sight, out of mind” tactic. 
  • And of course, the customer is what you need to grow so pay attention to their needs and wants.

Hope this blogpost really hammered in the importance of GMB posts and their wide area of use.